TLM Rules & Regulations

Basic Game Needs:

To Compete here at TLM Motorsports you need to have High Speed Internet, Steering Wheel and a pretty good PC or Laptop to be able to realistically be competitive. Most important you need NR2003 Season, with the 4 Series Mods that we will be using here. With more mods to come if voted on by the League.

Car Numbers & Carfiles:

Here is a series list and how to name your carfiles:

Cup Series - Gen6BR15 to be named 20MCorleyGen6BR15
Xfinity Series - Dmrxfs16st to be named 20MCorleyDmrxfs16
Truck Series - Cws2015 to be named 20MCorleyCws15
Winston Cup Series - Aero88 to be named 20MCorleyAero88
Your car number and underscore First letter first name last name then series 
00YJohnsonSeries from above.

New Drivers:

New Drivers are expected to Read and follow our rules to the best of your ability. We know that this is a game, but to us it's our passion and our Hobby and our love for Sim Racing.
It's a good idea when new drivers come to TLM that they click on the carfile manager or use RLM Arena, then click on the view cars button and you can see what numbers are available then register. Videos are available on Tutorials Page.

Driver Names:

All Drivers that compete here at TLM are required to use your real name or fake name, no handles or team names will be accepted. No Exception. Example: John Smith. No name changes once you have signed up, for less confusion for series and points.

Multiple Carfiles:

Competitors will only be allowed to upload 2 car files per series per season.
This means if you have 2 car files in the beginning of the season in a series you are not allowed to make changes or upload new files until the next season.

Race Etiquette:

No Cursing, Flaming, ranting or raging in either TeamSpeak and or in the Game Server. We have a designated room in TeamSpeak to take care of issues that arise between competitors and Admins. This will be strictly enforced with a zero tolerance policy. We know it's a simulation, but we have to conduct ourselves as grown adults, and part of that is resolving issues with the best intent to make sure all parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Blocking and Over Aggression: 

We know how passionate our sim competitors can be sometimes, we all get caught up in the moment, not wanting to be behind or lose a position. That being said: You can't win on the first lap and making unsafe Block attempts is frowned upon here in TLM. Drive smart, if someone wants to lead a lap for points, discuss it. maybe make a deal. The simple reason is for some if not all is to try to make it to the checkered Flag in one piece. We are not saying that you can't use your driving style, what ever it may be, but be smart and race smart.

Multiple Incident Rule:

Should you self spin or be the cause of more than 4 incidents in a single race you must park your car/truck. When a driver does bring out the yellow, and the full field is under caution and behind the pace car he will pit when told too by the race Admin and be docked a 1 lap penalty and not be eligible for the lucky dog. If a 2nd, 3rd and laps will be taken, a 4th incident the competitor must retire or face expulsion from the event and also face a league ban. it is the driver at faults responsibility to let the entire field and admin know he was the cause of that yellow. If under video review a driver is has been found to violate the rules and regulations that we have set forth as a League, the competitor faces expulsion from the League.

Driving below The Yellow Line:

There is NO driving below any yellow line in any series. If you are forced below the line re-enter the track when it is safe to do so to your original position if possible. If you are forced below the line no penalty infraction will be assessed to you. Additionally, some tracks where you can pass below the line, the advent will notify all drivers prior to beginning of the race.

Retiring From Events

If you wreck or get wrecked, have engine failure, run out of fuel, or maybe you feel fatigued and feel that you may not be able to continue in any event, you are required to enter the pit area and safely retire from the server. Do not quit or retire on the track in the middle of a race event for any reason. Drivers should do all they can not to bring out a yellow when exiting. A driver’s exit that causes a yellow can be viewed as careless driving. Stopping on the track and retiring from the server will get you instantly banned from TLM Motorsports, no questions asked.

League Participation:

Participants who sign up to be a part of this league, are required to run any division at least 1 time a month. If any participants fail to compete in any event within the month they will be considered to have abandoned the league and dropped from the active roster. This means to be able to participate with us, you will have to re-register as a new driver.

Lucky Dog Rule

- purpose is to allow the 1st car one or more laps down after a caution to be given 1 lap back after the field retakes the green flag. This applies through the whole race to any driver who is the 1st car back to the S/F line when the caution comes out, who registers on the F2 Standings screen at the S/F Line after the drivers have crossed the line and have taken the caution, is the recipient of the Lucky Dog (If NOT the cause of, or claims an incidend in that caution).  This rule applies throughout the entire race period until the race is over...IF POSSIBLE.

Lucky Dog will not be issued if the eligibie recipient was the cause of the caution.  The LD will then go to the next eligible driver 1 lap down, if not claiming an incident in the previous wreck.  And so on down the line.

The Lucky Dog recipient will be called out on TS and/or by typed chat, and when it is safe for admins to do so.  It is up to the possible recipients of the lucky dog to be informed of the lucky dog, and that can be done simply by the driver to go to the TS racing channel for instructions by the admin.  Admins will make the best call they can under the circumstances, but will not argue the Lucky Dog.  Admin may ask for input on the lucky dog, please respond to their requests.

The procedure to carry out the lucky dog is as follows.  The recipient MUST get an EOLL penalty. Either by speeding while in the pits or exiting directly on the track (if able to do so safely and the track gives the penalty for it.  ie, exiting directly onto the track at Pocono is not possible, so the recipient must speed while in the pits.)  


However the EOLL is attained, the driver must be at the rear of the pack with an EOLL penalty.  Others may have EOLL penalties too, but as long as the recipient receives the EOLL, the driver should line up according to the spotter amongst those that also have the EOLL.

Once the green flag is waved, the Official will add 1 lap via the !lap+ #98 method. 

The Official's call on the recipient of the EOLL is not disputable, as there is no way for our officials to determine position, except by the F-2, while race is in progress.  Do not argue with the official about the LD.  If there are questions or complaints, save your replay and send it to the promoter or the admin via email with an explanation after the race.

Lucky Dog will NOT be issued if there is a restart with 10 or less to go.

Pace Lap:

Burnouts at the start or on the pace/caution lap will not be tolerated.  Drivers should be aware that tire warming could cause wrecks. It really doesn't help warm the tires until you get up to speed.  We encourage drivers not to do this.  All drivers should maintain an approximate distance of  2 - 4 car lengths from the car in front of them at all times during pace or caution laps.  Depending on the track, this may be less or more. The main issue is not to get too close and to not to lay back.  All drivers are to maintain the pace car speed until the green flag waves.  We will not restart any league race once the green flag is waved, period. This is the only way to make racing as fair as possible for all drivers. Only a server malfunction may result in the restart of a race.

Taking the Green Flag:

When approaching the green flag: Laying back or jumping the start to gain an advantage is not allowed.  All drivers must maintain the pace car speed until the green flag is shown during starts/restarts. You are not to pass, or attempt to pass, either high or low, before the S/F. line.  You must remain in line until you pass the S/F. The leader must do his best to keep an even pace with the pace car.   All drivers need to be aware that anything can happen and we all must do our best to start clean without gaining an unfair advantage over another driver. Use the "F2 + (space-bar)" screen while racing to see the intervals.  


The leader sets the pace based on the pace car’s speed until the green flag drops. Drivers must not accelerate until the green flag is in the air. Give the car in front of you some room because of cold tires causing spins and most wrecks happen on restarts.  Lappers are expected to do their best and stay low until it is safe to merge.  There is no need to be aggressive on the first lap of a race or restart. No need to go three wide or upset the flow of the field early. This will be watched very closely. Warnings/penalties will be handed out if the admins see a need.


Off-The-Pace/Lapped Drivers:

Drivers that are off the pace for any reason should stay out of the preferred line or racing groove when being approached by faster cars. Preferably, they should stay high and give faster cars the low line. Under all circumstances, they should stay out of the racing groove when being passed.  Simple way to look at it is if the cars in front of you are getting away and those behind you are still close, let them go.  


Under caution, any car not on the lead lap should be on the inside line before the green flag drops as their spotter suggests.  Occasionally drivers can stay in the back to stay out of the way but not when other lapped cars need you up there first.  This is imperative so untimely black flags are not given to those who made no mistakes.  If you are looking to stay in the back on the restart, you will need to pull through the pits the last time by under yellow. Intentionally getting penalties to do this will not be acceptable. 


Pit Stops:

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season provides an autochat feature within the game. This feature allows the driver to utilize 10 predetermined messages while driving by using the "#" (0-9) keys (a huge plus while driving).  The desired message will automatically display your name and car number. For example, the first line (which appears when you press the "1" key may read “wrecker-1 – Pitting, pass high”.


These messages can be customized by editing the autochat section of your options menu. They will be truncated if too long, so be to the point.  Also, you may be able to program your steering wheel buttons to handle the autochat commands. All drivers should ensure that their autochat file contains messages to indicate you are entering and leaving the pits. You must notify all other drivers each time you enter and leave the pits under green flag conditions. All other autochat messages are optional.

Ten Lap Rule:

When a caution comes out, causing a restart with 10 or less laps to go, all lapped cars must drive down pit road to allow lead lapped cars to get ahead of them. This rule also will apply to drivers on the tail end of the lead lap. Lapped cars should do this on the second caution lap (so, all lead cars that want to pit need to do it on the first lap by or they may be forced to restart behind the lapped cars). This rule is to respect the leaders and let them battle for the win. Lapped cars do not have to actually pit, a drive through is sufficient.  Passing will not be permitted on pit road during execution of this rule unless the car in front of you actually makes a stop in their pit box.  


Everyone needs to be aware, that if the caution comes out with about 13 laps to go... the restart will come with 10 laps to go or less.   Any driver who fails to follow this rule for any reason by not driving thru the pits as instructed will be at the mercy of whatever the admin decides.  Most likely, they will have to pit the next time by.  If you are unsure of when you should pit, you need to ask on Teamspeak or type in the game as the yellow comes out. It is always the second lap of caution.  The first lap is for lead lap cars only.  On some tracks, the lead car one lap down on pit road may be instructed to slow the pit road speed to ensure they are behind all lead lap cars when they get back on the track.

Careless/Reckless Driving:

Careless and reckless driving will not be tolerated. If a driver believes another driver is handling their car in a careless or reckless manner they should notify the admin through private email. Save a replay.  The admins will watch careless and reckless driving closely and penalize reoccurring issues accordingly.  We all make mistakes but we all also have to be trying to improve each time out.

Bump Drafting:

Bump drafting will not be allowed in the corners on any track. Drivers can bump draft on a straightaway only, and you do so at your own risk.  The driver you are bumping has every right to say no.  If he does not give consent, do not bump him.  If bump drafting causes a wreck at any time, it will be considered aggressive driving and aggressive/reckless driving penalties can be enforced.





Blocking is not allowed until 2 laps to go on all tracks.  Even then, drivers block the fast line at their own risk.  Low-lining is not considered blocking and is acceptable, swerving or changing your line to keep another car from passing is considered blocking at TLM and is not allowed.



Drivers must not dive low to pass going into a corner when it is not clear.  In on-line racing, contact is the number one no-no and should be avoided at all times, especially in the corners.  Clean passing requires skill and patience. Practice and learn from mistakes. Just because you see an opening, does not mean it will be open when you get there. The admins will watch passing and blocking closely and penalize reoccurring issues accordingly.


At any time, warnings, point deductions, and suspensions may be handed down for problems. The admins will do their best to correct a problem ASAP. If it means making an example out of a driver, so be it.  Be respectful at all times, do what an admin asks when the spotlight is on.  We tend to focus on reoccurring issues. Some issues are more serious than others and are dealt with swiftly. Some issues are isolated and are monitored for some time.  We all have bad nights and those effected need to let it go publicly. This theory only works when those who repeatedly ruin other’s races need to settle down and re-focus on pace racing to finish without contact or causing yellows.